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A Complete Guide to Setup an Orchestra

Orchestra is one of the important classical music instruments! In this article, we will learn about the family of classical musical devices. 

The Strings

Strings are the commonly used classic musical instrument that belongs to the category of the string family. Other musical instruments that belong to this category are viola, the violin, the double bass and the cello.

All these musical instruments are developed by joining wooden pieces together to make an empty “sound box.” The player plucks and strikes the strings to cause vibration in it.  The shorter the length of the vibrating region of the string, the greater will be the sound level.

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The Woodwinds

Instruments that fall in this family of classical instruments are used with the help of wood. This instrument comprises of tubes that come with an aperture at one of its end and one mouthpiece at its other end. There are holes covered by metal-based caps.

By pressing different keys, different musical notes are produced. Ways by which the “woodwind family” produces sound is by blowing air into the mouthpiece, by blowing air through a fixed surface and a reed, and by blowing air in between two reeds.


The Brass

These types of instruments are basically long pipes that broaden at their ends. The pipes have a twisted and curved surface into different shapes. It makes it convenient to “hold and play”.

Most of these brass instruments have got valves joined to the long pipes. When a person presses down on these valves, the different parts of the valve get opened. This increases the length of the pipe and creates a low sound. Brass musicians can insert mutes in their instrument to modify the sound’s timbre.

The Percussion Family

Instruments that come in the percussion family come in a large selection of textures, tone colors and rhythms. These instruments make sound by striking, scraping or shaking. Percussion instruments can be untuned or tuned.

Where tuned instruments play a specific pitch, an untuned instrument generates a sound without any definite pitch. There are various types of percussion instruments on the market, such as keyboard, castanets, tambourines and rattles.


Properly setting up an Orchestra requires you to learn the family of classical musical instruments. The above description would surely enhance your knowledge about the instruments so that you can get a good understanding of the Orchestra.

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